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Installment Loans Canada

Are you looking for an unproblematic cash deal to pay your mid-month unexpected bills? We at Installment Loans Canada, come to your aid by arranging a financial support for your emergency need.

We do our service of organizing loan deals free of cost for you. We also never insist on a credit check and we negotiate with our panel of lenders for a loan without a credit check on your behalf. Hence we, at minicashloans.ca make the process of borrowing easier for you.

Our lenders decide your loan amount and the repayment tenure on based on your requirement and also your ability to pay back the borrowed cash. However, you may plead for an extension of the repayment period by paying a special fee. You can repay the cash in easy monthly installments.

You get qualified if you happen to be a citizen of Canada, above 18 years and having a regular income of your own. When you apply for a monthly repayment loan, you need not waste your precious time on any documentation.

You need not worry about the application procedure for it is very simple. You just have to fill in the application form provided in our ‘apply now’ page and forward it to us. We will get in touch with you soon with our positive note.

If you have any doubt factors, you can navigate our FAQ’s page and get all your questions clarified. If you require further details regarding the monthly repayment loan you can visit our ‘contact us’ page to get all your questions answered.You need not worry about your privacy because we have a team of experts working round the clock using an advanced technological software system to protect your personal information and they will take every possible effort to keep your information highly confidential.

Timely assistance from top lenders, No hassle

We at Mini Cash Loans help you get timely financial help from our well-known lenders who are associated with us for quite some time. The loan amount is remitted into your account and you can make use of the amount to meet any of your expenditures.

We never insist on a prior credit check and you may feel free to apply with us for installment loans Canada and we certainly ensure that you are never turned away due to your arrears, CCJ, IVA and your unworthy credit status. However, there are a few lenders who may go for credit appraisal before offering you any loan.

The Solution for a mid-month cash shortage

Most of the salaried people face cash shortage during their mid-month due to insufficient cash available to meet their necessities. Such people can access to no credit monthly installment loans to solve their financial disparity by applying through our service at installment loans no credit check. Quite a number of our clients do opt for this loan to come out of their financial difficulties. The application procedure is very easy and you just have to log onto our website, fill in the application form and forward the same to us. As soon as it reaches our representatives, they take charge of further processing without delay.

We protect your privacy with high-tech software. You need not worry about your personal data being misappropriated by anyone.

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Lowest Represent APR available to you

APR considers the measure of premium will be charged to you for getting a sure measure of cash.

We can arrange loans up to $1500

Apply today and you could have up to $1500 in your financial balance inside of hours.

Fair Interest

We won't attempt and trick you by baiting you in on a low intrigue rate just for it to change later.


We are neither a direct lender not a broker. We only match requirements with lenders based on your application and we do notcharge any fees for this services. By completing the applications. You certify that you can be contacted by phone or email.


The annual interest rate offered by the lenders who partner with us stands at a rate of approximately 28% to 32%. An interest rate of 2,66% monthly (32% annually) applies if not paid.

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